Sunday, January 27, 2013

There will be days...

There will be days when both yes and no will be equally wrong. When what you choose affects not just you but a lot more. On days like that, breathe. Remember the little girl who wrote letters to God. She is still in there somewhere. Find her. Let her tell you who you are and who you ought to be. She knows.

There will be days when the injustice around you will numb you down and make you feel vulnerable and powerless. When all you'd want to do is cry out loud. Do. Allow the grief and the nonsense of it all to wash you down. But remember to wipe your tears to a day that is a tad brighter. Do what you can to make it happen.

There will be days when it will be hard to rise. When the prospects of the day ahead would be daunting, and the comfort of warmth and inaction tempting. Sometimes, rest. Slow down in the swirl of your coffee and indulge in the familiarity of a book. Turn up the classical music and soak in a hot tub. Let the good things heal you. Eat. Replenish what has been lost. Call a friend. Go to a cafe with the book. Stay. As long as you want. Leave behind a note of thanks.

There will be days when the past will overpower you. When the bitter memories will trouble and the happy ones will hurt. When a song or a smell will take you some place else. Some place sinister. On days like that, let them. Watch the replay. Laugh. Cry. But remember to get on with the present when the play is over. Like any performance, there'd be lessons. Take them, and move on. There's something shinier, prettier, happier awaiting you today.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I do not look at the world the same way after 1984. The book has awakened in me something basic but something that I have been conditioned to ridicule and suppress. 

I had a short talk with X yesterday, and we talked very interesting marketing. And he mentioned, in passing, the differences between the nature of the markets in India and China. Nothing new. Perhaps it was the way he said it, the terms he used. We all know India is a difficult market, and that we tend to prefer a cheaper product even if it is of inferior quality. The new China, on the other hand, is very brand conscious. In his words, some of them, would cut down on meals to buy a brand they covet. So, he talked about some super elite products. We'd raise the price, he said. And we'd limit the volume. That way, the brand becomes more covetable, elusive, elite. Interesting as the whole interaction was, there was something sinister about the examples. For a fleeting second, I saw him as this enormous talent unaware of his own role in this unnatural thought driven by greed that is gripping the world and slowly strangling out of it of all that should be natural and easy and free. 

Capitalism is this giant ever-growing organism that has grown its limbs into all our lives. And I see nothing wrong in that, as long as it functions as an organism. In balance with the world outside. Giving and receiving in equal measure. It has altered all of us. In unimaginable and sometimes frightening ways. It does not just fulfil needs anymore. It creates them. 

A society progresses when it finds leisure. It rises above its current and immediate needs and thinks of more glorious, more noble things. Leisure needs to be valued. Un-knowledge and curiosity need to be preserved. There needs to be, sometimes, a wait before we attain something we need, material or intellectual. We need that wait, that anticipation, that wondering the mind does before it receives or finds the answer, that picture the heart paints before we obtain something. What we don't need is so much boredom. Language is a clever tool. It has the power to scale down the magnitude of absolutely abhor-able things. Boredom in the virtual presence of a whole world of possibilities on a screen in our laps is not ok. It is an indication that the more we have, the more we are taking for granted.

It is possible to be a balanced capitalist. And although we have been made to believe that thinking in this direction is impractical and ridiculous, I believe that this is not just possible but necessary. The ideas of profit maximizations and trade-offs between stakeholders alone, will, by general logic, leave the world a highly unbalanced place, with excesses that are wasted but not consumed by those in need. We are already almost there. It is time we started looking at businesses in their entirety, their entitlements as well as obligations to the environment where they thrive. 

I can not say what exactly would happen if we didn't start to be balanced yet. But this whole unpredictability, opaqueness and creepy totalitarianism in the name of data collection does not give me a good feeling.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Love. In every inch of my body, in every mole of the microcosm I nurture within my soul, in every ounce of light and darkness and all other manifestations of present and absent energy that I am part of. In the rhythm of my heartbeat, and in that of yours, in the one giant heartbeat that we are.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

01/ 01/ 2013

You are the one person I'd allow into an inglorious moment. Keep the key to the window from where I am naked and stripped of all pride and strength. Keep it safe. Some day, I'd need you to climb in and wrap me, not in passion or love, but in acceptance. I'd expose all my wounds and ask, not for medicine, but a relieving touch. Give me that. Like today. Be who you were today. Be that pillar, that illogical pillar that stands right there no matter how rough-edged the leaning object is. Tell me I need not fear, because you are there, no matter what. Give me that no-matter-what. Always. I'd need that.



- Sustain.
- Love more. More unconditionally. Be more giving. MUCH less judgemental.
- Manage time. More than time, attention. Manage attention. Be where you are, in what you are supposed to do.
- More early mornings. More yoga. More walks. More music. More pens and paper. Much less computer. More camera.
- No more books. Finish the pile first.
- Be more assertive, where needed. And don't. Where not needed.
- Care about the world. But don't be paranoid. Don't let it seep into personal relations. Stop acting like a raw nerve.
- More patience.
- More water.
- At least one monumental trip. Many small trips.
- Less monologues. More travelogues.
- Fear less. But fear when needed. Fear is nature's defence mechanism. Do not strip it away.
- Breathe it out. Let it go.