Monday, April 23, 2007

Dedicated to the two pillars my world stands on...

when the night was dark
and the way unknown
how did u still
lead me back home
when the body was bleeding
and the weapons gone
tell me how
u still fought on
when emotions were still
and eyes were dry
u still kept smiling
tell me why
how do u make all moments so bright
why do i feel u r always right
why does every fairytale
make me believe
your values will prevail
why do all deceiving eyes
convey to me
that truth will rise
whenever the wrong
battles the right
wat makes me speak
"i will fight"
yes it is your firm conviction
that truth is always
mightier than fiction
its your belief that makes me say
that my footsteps
will never go astray

no, gratitude would be too small a word
to tell you dear parents

Sunday, April 22, 2007

बचपन का वो आश्वासन
शायद था अंधविश्वास
दोषी भी तो शायद
है अपनी ही आस

स्वार्थ लिप्त इस दुनिया मे
भावनाओं का मोल नही
गूंगापन मंज़ूर यहाँ है
पर मन के सच्चे बोल नही
रह जाता है पंछी फड़फ़डा कर अपने परों को
तोड़ने को आतुर वो लोहे कि उन छड़ों को
एक एक कर ढहता है धीरज का हर स्तम्भ
आहत मन का दंभ है
या है साँसों का हड़कंप
आंखें जैसे खोयी हों
टूटे सपनों की समीक्षा मे
निगल ना जाये रात इन्हें
भोर कि प्रतीक्षा मे

फूँक कर रखने हैं कदम
कहीं छूट ना जाये संयम
और टूट ना जाएँ कहीँ
"सुसंस्कृत" समाज के
ये दृढतम नियम


silent creatures
silent skies
silent r these waking eyes
but thumps away the beating heart
all set to tear itself apart
and the active roving mind
oscillates far n behind...

when the world sleeps
they r wide awake
choosing to put
all at stake

its a constant drive
a blazing fire...
an unsatiable deep desire...
to keep the storm blowing by
to keep the tides rising high...

there r numerous embers in the urn...
still alive n ready to burn.

the anxious surge of blood n passion!
the strong emotion..tamed ambition..!

A Contrast With Life

All the while i struck
a contrast with my life
with tons of grief in my heart
I have learnt to smile

while I'm mum like a doll
and emote like a toy
I wonder whether its my sorrow
or my search for joy

To talk about all else
but keep shut my grief
to relieve others' cravings
and myself crave for relief

The distances are too long
its so hard to get ashore
not a glimpse of the land
and hurdles such galore

its a battle.....a silent one.
its a battle......that can never be won.

for i had dreamt of the sky
which was pretty much too high
and the nature's wierd rules
are too tough to defy

so I struck a contrast
with my beloved life
and amidst the looming darkness
I lit my torch alight is a lost battle
but I prefer to fight
to enjoy the course of the strife
and go with all smiles..

Sometimes u win
and u dont know it....
this battle where both of us lose each day....
Sometimes u manage
to make me feel
the heat from ur soul smouldering away...
when your meandering melancholy seeps quietly
through the invisible barriers I have created......
and i watch helplessly-the long gathered heaps of my strength...melting away..
transforming into fluid compassion....
And i know u won again
when my heart breaks into a billion pieces...
watching u cling to a thin thread....
oscillating between the fear of losing...
and the meaninglessness of winning....
But what u fail to know is...
I know, I feel, and I die everytime my realisations come alive....
We both are fighting......u your fears....and me my pretence.