Monday, April 23, 2007

Dedicated to the two pillars my world stands on...

when the night was dark
and the way unknown
how did u still
lead me back home
when the body was bleeding
and the weapons gone
tell me how
u still fought on
when emotions were still
and eyes were dry
u still kept smiling
tell me why
how do u make all moments so bright
why do i feel u r always right
why does every fairytale
make me believe
your values will prevail
why do all deceiving eyes
convey to me
that truth will rise
whenever the wrong
battles the right
wat makes me speak
"i will fight"
yes it is your firm conviction
that truth is always
mightier than fiction
its your belief that makes me say
that my footsteps
will never go astray

no, gratitude would be too small a word
to tell you dear parents


Pallav said...

wat to say to dis.......!!!

subhojit said...

"That was GREAT"
Dont know u but heard abt ur poetry from my frnd....and after reading....
I felt the same way as u!!

rahul mourya said...

hey really gud..
u write well
i have added u as my blogmate.. my blog hasn't been updated last sem so don't mind..

aroopk said...

i can definitely relate.. well done..

Abhijit said...

Great! Awesome!

Abhijit said...

One more addition to my fav. poems! :)

isra said...

amazing poetry and very true n touching..
living away from them actually makes me feel sad...

rahul said...


tried to mail u, but i think the orkut is not working for me anymore.. well, i started blogging sometime ago, and left the internet soon after that, so, not much to read there.. not sure whether to continue it.. anyway, its

Anonymous said...

This surely makes perfect sense

Anonymous said...

That was a truly good article

Anonymous said...

Strikingly well executed piece...