Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Contrast With Life

All the while i struck
a contrast with my life
with tons of grief in my heart
I have learnt to smile

while I'm mum like a doll
and emote like a toy
I wonder whether its my sorrow
or my search for joy

To talk about all else
but keep shut my grief
to relieve others' cravings
and myself crave for relief

The distances are too long
its so hard to get ashore
not a glimpse of the land
and hurdles such galore

its a battle.....a silent one.
its a battle......that can never be won.

for i had dreamt of the sky
which was pretty much too high
and the nature's wierd rules
are too tough to defy

so I struck a contrast
with my beloved life
and amidst the looming darkness
I lit my torch alight is a lost battle
but I prefer to fight
to enjoy the course of the strife
and go with all smiles..


prerana said...

hey eyerytime u just surpass the previous....wish u go on capturing feelings into words in the best ways. love ya

Kartik said...

the last para is the best... life is a lost battle but i prefer to fight... too good again