Tuesday, January 01, 2013



- Sustain.
- Love more. More unconditionally. Be more giving. MUCH less judgemental.
- Manage time. More than time, attention. Manage attention. Be where you are, in what you are supposed to do.
- More early mornings. More yoga. More walks. More music. More pens and paper. Much less computer. More camera.
- No more books. Finish the pile first.
- Be more assertive, where needed. And don't. Where not needed.
- Care about the world. But don't be paranoid. Don't let it seep into personal relations. Stop acting like a raw nerve.
- More patience.
- More water.
- At least one monumental trip. Many small trips.
- Less monologues. More travelogues.
- Fear less. But fear when needed. Fear is nature's defence mechanism. Do not strip it away.
- Breathe it out. Let it go.

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