Wednesday, January 04, 2012

China Glass

On the verge of breaking apart
Fragile figure of China glass
Too much glue and too much tape
Too much effort to keep a face
Shabby layers of Persian paint
Covering up a shallow dent
Polka patterns in pretty pink
Peeping from an ugly chink
A crystal of a sand-like thing
Escaped the fusing in the kiln
And a certain handle of sorts
Twists and curiously contorts
It rumbles, rings and also rolls
All in very clumsy control
And had you not seen its tiny mounds
You'd think it almost round

Quite a tricky object I see
No shape, no color, no certainty
Peculiarly odd for a glass thing
To be no vase, no goblet, nothing

Its almost like it aims to be
just a random oddity.


Sheila Moore said...

Fun pace to this.

Anne said...

Can't help but thing of patched up people. You have a new cadence to this poem. Enjoyed it!

Jitendra Gupta said...

what a lovely rhymes, you have written;;;
it was wonderful;;