Thursday, December 29, 2011

Have a Wonderful New Year

When the day dawns on January 1, what would really have changed? It will be another day that comes after the night, birds will chirp, animals will wake up and go about looking for food, pretty much everything will be the same, except us, the advanced beings that need celebrations and a sense of newness to keep us going. Why is it that we constantly need change? Why do we need a year-end and a new year to renew our spirits? I guess too many of us don't live the way we were intended to live. Boredom is the most underrated menace to existence. We as a civilization have tried very hard to downplay it and portray it as something harmless, but sometimes I think, boredom is a sign. It is a sign that as we spoil ourselves with multifold and complex choices, we lose a bit of what we were intended to be: adventurers. We have reached this far because of the spirit of adventure, because there were men who set out for the unknown on ships onto unfathomed waters, because they cared to climb the Everest, because they believed there was something more, to be seen, experienced, lived, acquired. 

If we look deep enough, we all have that adventurer within us. There is, at least one thing on this earth for each of us that triggers that adventure, that makes us want to know more, and push limits to learn it and do it. But there are too many distractions, too many mirages along the path until we lose sight of what we had set out out for, and give in to boredom. 

This year, find your adventure. Find something that excites you not only for the outcome but also for the effort. Find the one thing that can speed up your heartbeat and make you lose sleep over it. It can be owning a grocery shop or exploring the Tibetan valley,if it gives you the thrill, that is it. Fight for it. Be proud. Be glorious and beautiful. Be passionate. Give it your best because it will bring out the best in you. Because it will show you love and beauty of the greatest form. This year, fight boredom. Create something, learn something, and live freely. Speak your mind, ask questions, find answers, express love. Just this one year, give the habit of life a chance.

Have a wonderful year in the sense of the word, a year full of wonders.


Sheila Moore said...

What a wonderful pep talk. The best to you in the new year as well

ayala said...

Happy New Year to you and yours !

Jack said...


It is true that we become like Robots while carrying on with routine daily chores. Surely to have what we feel will give happiness needs to take bold decisions. Very motivational post. Wish you that 2012 be just the way you want it to be.

Take care

Jack said...



Take care

PS : Please check your mail.

Geraldine said...

Some very good advice here. And a very happy and creative year to you too!

Jitendra Gupta said...

after reading your post, I have filled with a new energy, and now I have make up my mind to start my incomplete work which I have left in lurch two times.
very lovely and nice thoughts....

Tulika Verma said...

Wish all of you a happy new year. :)

@Jitendra..that is wonderful to know.. :)

@Jack...thank you so did you know about my birthday? :)