Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last night

You came last night
dressed in your best suit 

My heart fluttered 
as you smiled
that familiar, disarming smile 

That gold wrapped box 
you held 
in the light of the moon 
that looked almost
like a halo behind you 
But it was blurred 
by the mist in my eyes 
as you placed 
under my feet
those beautiful ballerina shoes

And I lost myself to the music 
and to you
for what seems like an eternity 

It still smells of you 
all around me 
almost as if 
you were really here last night 
Just you 
and me
No accident 
No wheelchair

Linked to One Shot Wednesday. Happy Birthday to the site!


Anne said...

Whoa...the words took me down very gently. Nice!

daniel said...

This is strong. Good good good. I felt it. I don't know a better compliment for poetry than that.

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

that was A #endearing poem. Just you and me.no accident or wheel chair.

Brian Miller said...

whew, quite the turn in those closing lines...having lost something so real and passionate...strong write...

ayala said...

Strong and moving.

Monika said...

You manage to create always a strong indulgence in your writing. A beautiful beginning like a dream, like a fairy tale, intriguing, intimate and then suddenly, the hard grave truth. Still, a hope lasts, everytime.
A wonderful write.

Anonymous said...

Thats an all 'round well thought out blog

Anonymous said...

This makes great sense to anyone!

Anonymous said...

You could not be more precise!!!