Friday, January 23, 2015

I feel okay. I feel...'centered'. There is no better way to say it. I feel okay with being me - being lost, sad, devastated, and everything else that I am. It's a strangely comforting acceptance to finally not care about what everyone thinks, to finally listen to myself and allow myself the space and time to flounder and fail. It's scary and yet liberating like nothing else. There is a process that is happening and I can feel it, that of re-aligning to my inner compass that I was way way off from. Things are not perfect, not right, not the way they are supposed to be, but they are okay. And sometimes, that's all you need.


Word Weaver Art said...

Yes. You are okay.
And, yes, okay is good.

Vikas Kukreja said...

I went through your write-ups & shared thoughts here and I know its just part of what you are, but believe me its beautiful, pure, straight from the heart, something I can connect to. This one especially just made my day! keep 'em coming! Now, I am part of the long list of your blog lovers.