Thursday, December 04, 2014

So, that is why I write. To give everything a sense of meaning. To be understood, in whatever broken way, by whoever has taken the time to read the words that flow out of my mind. To feel that what I think and know and believe matters. That it is not insane to want a world that is better and kinder. That it is not utterly impractical to want to have a life around my own ideals and to not want to slit the throats of all the dreams I have grown up with for the idea of a 'working' thing. I write because I want my words to 'work' too. I write because I need you, whoever you are, to know that I care. That I get angry and disappointed in the world sometimes, and that sometimes, I have doubted everything that I am, and that I have almost killed the real me for the idea of someone I am not, in the pursuit of a life that was never mine.That I still, after everything, somehow, hopelessly and inexplicably, believe.

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