Friday, December 21, 2012

It's not men who rape women. It's women who rape women. Every time you wished you had a son or a grandson, every time you let your son watch you become meek and bear an insult at the hands of someone, every time you stayed silent in self pity, you raped another woman. You gave birth to the society that rapes. You are not weak or small or helpless. Be an individual before being a woman. Demand to be treated like an individual. And settle for nothing less.


Autumn Leaves said...

Very true.. The problem lies in the fact that most of the females are 'used to' with the norms our society has set for them which doesn't allow individuals to grow. It is sad to see that in many families, even the women root for a boy child. The very expectation that girls are meant to the house chore work only has to go and they should be allowed to grow as individuals with equal rights as boys. Hopefully things will change for good soon.

Jack said...


Very forceful and much wanted change which can surely change the mindset of men. Hope it does happen in my life time.

Take care