Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012

Far far away
where the sun does not set
and the sea meets the desert
to create a metaphor
- sun, sand and sea
- a mirage of a place
you would wish to
sunbathe at,

on that island of oxymorons,
drenched in salt water
write me poetry
harsh, honest, cruel.
Sunburn me.


Jack said...


Meeting of Sun, Sand and Sea will as it is act together to sunburn one and with the kind of poetry you wish for it is sure to do so. Captivating composition.

Take care

Anne said...

I should think words like that to a man would stop his thought process :-)This is beautiful.

rigzin said...

..wonderful words..i loved it Tulika..plz keep writing.. :)

rahul said...

honestly, beautiful..