Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tonight I can write the saddest lines. (Love you, Neruda)

Tonight I can write the saddest lines.

Like the breeze from my window touches me incompletely
and I diffuse, only half-ly, into slow moving frames of us.
Like pieces of me remain, time-trapped, in this moment
doomed to watch us from a distance in soft bokeh lights.
Like you were a dream I almost had, before dreams started to vaporize

These are foggy times. Dark. With only the illusion of a sun.
It will never warm us, love. It will shimmer in the distance,
reminding us of what we were made of, 
hope and love,
and broken sighs.

It does not matter. The length or breadth or depth of what we feel.
Thought is redundant, as are we.
Our lives, our songs, as lost as the love that once was
or was allowed to be. 
You know, you and I, were the cosmos once.


pushkar jha said...

thank is really a relief to stumble upon a blog that actually tingles one's daily exasperations and lends a calming hand to an ever anxious soul.there is an unhindered romanticism in your words that lends so much beauty to an otherwise mundane ambience.infact, i think i can see what you see, and i can feel,what you feel.writing has to be about transcending emotional and mile barriers, and the lucid profundity of your words do just that.your writing has slowly grown on me, and i m sure i ll take inspiration and aspire moments of silence and turn to it whenever i feel a speck of smile straying.

keep writing...

Tulika Verma said...

You know, sometimes, you are just going on living your everyday challenges and mundanities, and then you come across a comment like this, and you realize that somewhere, you must be doing something right! Thank you! Means a lot! :)

Jack said...


Feelings of one who has lost out in love told so well it touches the heart. Hope and pray that no one has to feel this way ever. But life has own ways of making one wonder what went wrong and at that time one needs to remember that life should never stop no matter what happens it must go on.

Take care

Anne said...

A broken heart does deserve such an eulogy. This is glorious!

Jack said...

"These are foggy times. Dark. With only the illusion of a sun.
It will never warm us"

This made me really think about the shortcomings of an illusion/delusion.

Mary said...

Wonderfully worded, Tulika. To have been the 'cosmos' expresses the depth of love that once was. That it now only 'shimmers in the distance' is sad indeed. Your words definitely capture the loss of love.

aprille said...

Full of a beautiful wistfulness, not entirely sad and not entirely accepting. Well constructed.

Poet Laundry said...

There is that sense of longing throughout the piece...haunting,nostalgic and evocative. Good write!

Dana Leah said...

"and i diffuse, only half-ly"

i love that line, from there you had me. x

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Brave, to evoke Neruda! And you have done it beautifully. :)