Sunday, June 03, 2012

You and Me

What is the big deal about religion anyway? I am not religious, and I feel fine. I do believe in a higher power, but I do not need him/her to wear certain clothes or look a certain way or speak in a certain language. Still, when things go wrong, there is something that calms me and makes me realize my own strength. Yes, my strength. I just need to be reminded of that from time to time. And I need to believe in a better tomorrow. To me, that is what belief is. Everything else is just stories. I believe because I need to. Because I need to give myself the assurance that I am in control, being the tiny, insignificant speck in the universe that I am. But that is all. Isn't this something very personal? I don't see why I need you to believe the same things. You may like stories. We all like some stories. And it is okay that you believe in them. Can we not let each other be? Can I not love you despite your (very personal) beliefs and your highly individual choices? If you look close enough, everything in the world is a paradox. Even what I am typing right now. And that is why we need flexibility and acceptance. I do not need to convert you. I do not need to hate you. A little love would be just fine for us.


ayala said...

Love means accepting one another for who we are and respecting our different views. Nice post.

Jack said...


Read 2 pending posts now. We all need to understand that all of us are small cogs in the big wheel and so have no ego. Do what conscience permits. Religion is in one's heart. There is no need to make a show of it. There is some force beyond our understanding which makes this world tick, one may call it Nature or Higher Power or God. Rest all is beliefs. True love is not to force partner to accept whatever you say but to accept him or her as he or she is.

Take care