Monday, May 07, 2012

Of Cotton Candies And Marshmallows

‎"The special thing about a sizzler dish is that it appeals to all your senses, including the sense of hearing. You hear the sizzle and it arouses all other senses, and all you want to do is devour it."

"I'd prefer a mute dish. Something like marshmallow. Something that soothes my senses with its texture, like a serene, quiet scenery. Something that moves your heart with its ignorance of its own effect, with the almost humility with which it melts instantly in your mouth, giving itself up, entirely. There's an innocence about marshmallows and cotton candies, may be that is why children like them so much."

"Innocence? I always thought they were quite pompous with their bright pink, almost gorgeous exterior."

"Yes. Gorgeous AND innocent."

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Seema Smile said...

Yum, now I want to dig into a sizzler and later savour a cotton candy.