Monday, April 16, 2012


There are phases in your life when you can perceive changes in yourself, when you can look at yourself objectively like an onlooker and see the flaws you never knew you had. I disappointed myself with my silence, with my lack of courage. At least I know I need to work on it.

These are crucial times, times when there will be moments of truth, and a plunge will be taken into the unknown. 

I have changed in my beliefs. I have gone from struggling to fit in, to a rebellion, to a very new and strange understanding and acceptance of how things are. I feel a strong and urgent need for simplification, everywhere. I need a world where people are not commoditized, where feelings are not hidden, where there is freedom but it is not misused, and I need to create it around me if it isn't already there. I now believe, more than anything, in transience; in the fact that people and things change. And therefore, I believe permanence is worth striving for.


sawan said...

i din quite get the last part :( why do u think permanence is worth striving for? dont u think permanence might just take the life out of you? wont it make us and ppl around us a lil too predictable?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder its parents mistake for not knowing what their child wants to be.

on the post:- Freedom can never be misused, that's why its freedom.

Jack said...


A wise person always does introspection from time to time for understanding what went wrong in certain situations. One needs to do it honestly and not with bullheadedness that I am always correct. Positive thinking always helps. Keep it up and I am sure you will succeed in whatever you choose to take up.

Take care

deeps said...

moment of truth... ahaa
when that realization strikes i think change happens as an after effect :P