Monday, March 05, 2012


"Have you ever wondered how strange this is? This basic assumption that you see the world in the same way as I do?"

"Like perspective-wise? Yeah..I don't think any two people can ever have the same set of beliefs or preferences."

"Yeah. But I meant it in the more literal sense. Not about preferences, but about perceptions. Like, what if you and I perceive color differently? What if everyone perceives colors differently? I mean when you were young, your teacher showed you a color and made you and everyone else identify it as yellow, and so you and all the other kids learnt that the color they saw was yellow; may be all of them saw it differently. And all your life when you look at a dress and called up your friend and said, "Oh! That was a very pretty yellow", she pictures a completely, or may be slightly, different pretty yellow."

"Umm...okay. Let's clear this. What color is that car?"

"It's a dirty yellow. But you miss the point."

"May be I want to miss it." *smiles*


Geraldine said...

So very true...and what can cause a lot of misunderstandings, needlessly. thanks for this reminder.

Divenita said...

Nice one indeed!