Saturday, January 21, 2012


Come under the tent and let me show you the night sky that I have painted. Listen to the sound of the forests and the rustle of the winds, but be silent, for you do not want to disturb, the creatures in slumber.
You and I, are but fragments, of a larger fragment, and nothing we say or do is going to suffice. So, be silent and listen.
For when you listen, you will find a music flowing through everything. You will never find the words to sing, so let the music fill you too, all the spaces and silences and nothingness within you, that you attach so much importance to.
Lend me your hand and lie by me. Listen also to the rhythmic beats of my heart while I listen to yours, because you and I are nothing, but notes of this ever-flowing music.
Lets create a symphony that is above sorrow and disappointments, expectations and regrets. Let us just be music for once, for the sake of music. Because that is all there is.


Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. Where do you keep getting such ideas to pen so deep meaning posts? The poems surely left food for thought and so this one too.

Take care

PS : You did not check your mail.

ayala said...

Beautiful...something I often think about..

Amiya chatterjee said...

Let us
just once be the first glow
of the sunrise,
Let us be the CHARUKESHI raga
Let us close our eyes.