Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Guava Tree

A fragment of her, perhaps, never made it to adulthood. It got stuck somewhere on a branch of a black&white guava tree. "It brings bad luck", someone had whispered about the tree, when tragedy had struck the family. And they had brought it down. She had picked up a leaf and smelled it, torn it, scratched it, and rubbed it on her palm, to have the scent long enough. A fragment of the guava tree too, had survived in her nail beds.


Sheila Moore said...

Great metaphors. Especially like the nail bed one. Very intriguing write.

Jack said...


Read 3 posts now. Confessions is so true narration of someone making efforts finding self. I admire courage and patience of P in the story Someone like her. Such persons are almost not there. Hurt of the girl brought out so well in so few lines in Guava Tree.

Take care

ayala said...

A lovely write!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Write, Tulika!:)