Friday, December 09, 2011


Sometimes, I turn around on my heels
in a public place
Just to feel small again
and rejoice when I find no one paying attention.

Sometimes, I cook with just a little oil and very little salt
to let all the vegetables have their natural flavour
comparing them, in my mind, to people
young, impressionable and wishing them the freedom
to be.

Sometimes, I read multiple books
one after the other
alternating identities, between Hermione and Jane
David and Celie, Gandhi and Gulzar
My version of a literary peek-a-boo

Sometimes, I cover my face
with all my hair
and open my eyes only a little
to watch ordinary sunlight
transform into marvelous shiny fractals
- hexagonal boxes with mystical secrets
cut by the magician's sword
but still intact
like stubborn, residual, unyielding hope

Sometimes, I still
talk to myself and write self-addressed letters
in order to discover
things I forgot to tell myself.

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