Wednesday, November 30, 2011


‎"I don't love you only for who you are. I love you for all that you are not but you so badly want to be. I love you for all those dreams that give your eyes that glint. I love you because you laugh so easily. I will never understand how anyone can laugh so easily. I love you because you are crazy. You would stick out your hand to shake hands with a child on the adjacent vehicle, you'd make faces at and wave at kids on a school bus, you meet people as if you've known them for ages, you make friends with shopkeepers, you smile at everyone that you can smile at. Its insane. It can get you in trouble. But you are you. I love you because when I had put everything at stake, you stood like a rock beside me. Because when we sip Chocoberry together, you make funny satisfied noises and laugh. Every single time. I love you because you are never about mediocrity. You are always analysing, improving, yourself and the world. I love you because when you talk about something that you feel strongly about, everyone shuts up. I love you coz you screw up, so often. And I love how you never pity yourself but fight back. I love how you can be extremely lethargic for days and then completely in charge of your life for the next few days. I love that you are able to forgive, so easily. Its impossible for me to fathom. I don't quite believe in forgiveness, but it goes with you, with who you are. I know I will never understand a large part of you that resides in verses and stories, but I love how you make a complete fool of yourself just to make it sound alright, as if your talent is something abnormal. Well, of course, it is. But I love that you pretend to accept it."
"I think you are much more than you seem to be on the surface. Like a marshmellow."
"That's it?"
"Well, I love you for the companion that you are. I love you because you laugh along, because you want to see and feel and hear and touch and live and love as much as I do. And I love that you never pretend to be who you are not. I guess I love the child in you that you have managed to keep intact despite gaining all the skills and management one needs to face the world. I will never understand this paradox of your personality. As you will never understand why I spend hours writing and listening to old sad songs even when I am not sad. I wish that you weren't a lot of things that you are, but never that you were what you aren't."
"I always knew we were very different :)"


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I like the many ways you find love.

Nice piece, Tulika!

Anne said...

You like what could be easy not to like. I like how it does not seem necessary to fit the other person to any mould.