Sunday, November 20, 2011

No Questions

I listened then
to the sound of life
resonating with my own breath
under the green waters
I floated
for an eternity
A golden fish
slid between my toes perhaps
And I wept
a little salt water
into the sea
I had
no questions anymore


Jack said...


Read pending posts now. Of the poems, though tough to decide, I liked Refugee the best. On your Dreams, one is happy when content with his or her life. Do what your heart says but not without little caution. When our children went to school, I told them that it is not studies they should be after but EDUCATION. Learn what is being taught but translate it into real life too. I wish you all the best to achieve your dream house and making old persons happy in the autumn of their life. It is will be so nice if you find time to look me up on your visit to Delhi. My id is in my profile.

Take care

sawan said...

i wish i cud weep again. i wish i had no more questions. i wish i had answers for the ones i have. i wish.