Thursday, October 13, 2011


Tonight, love me not
for the luster of my locks
or the softness of my eyes
Do not compare
to velvet, my voice
or to music, my laughter
take off my pretense
and watch me
naked with my sorrows
Kiss the disillusions on my eyelids
and touch on my trembling lips
the laments of a life
not entirely mine
Find in me the night
that has stagnated in some corner
as an endless wait
and the darkness that smells
of unfulfilled promises
and unfinished songs
drink from the cup
of my regrets
and soak in my solitude
Tonight, lets be solitary


Mary said...

I love the flow of this poem, the beauty of your words, and the ending:

Tonight, lets be solitary

Fine work!

Darshan Chande said...

Ah! Beautiful!

ghostwriter said...

What a wonderful play on words!!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful

Anne said...

The words are soft and clear.The thought is pure and true.