Sunday, October 23, 2011

Take me

Take me from me
like you'd take 

a poem
and make it your own
with sighs and pauses
under your lukewarm breath

Take me on face value
like a promise
of bright springs 

and sunny mornings
of soft, slow, dry kisses
and of the less than ordinary things
that would make us 

a little more
than ordinary

Take me 

like an opinion
and read me between my silences
Contradict me, shape me
nurture me, mould me
grow on me

I cease to be


Cocktail Party said...

short and sweet... wanted to read more of it..... have you been able to meet someone to match this? hope so...

ayala said...


Jyoti Mishra said...

loved the way u started it..
beautiful expressions

Nice read !!!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

To lose one's self in another is to find total freedom to be yourself. Good luck in finding that other.

Kailash C Sharma said...

Fantastic...beautiful expressions...Happy Diwali..

Gyanban said...

Well crafted.

Vinod R Iyer said...

This thought cannot be lovelier than the poetry :)

A grain of sand said...

This made a lovely read! :)
Keep writing..

Anonymous said...

Very well written!:):) You write so well

Jack said...


Read 7 pending posts. What you say in Encore is so true. One is not seen as self but what one gives and people who enjoy what is given ask for more and more. I would rather know the person for what he or she is and then enjoy his or her talents. Tonight was such a simple way of saying love me as I am. One can see dreams become infinity. May what you Dream come true but with your name too. Nice memories in That time. Childhood is truly the best time of life. This one shows deep desire to be ONE with soulmate, am I right?

Take care