Monday, June 13, 2011


I returned from work this evening and logged on to blogger as a routine, to see this sweet surprise waiting for me. It was a moment of elation, of that peculiar squeaky feeling you feel when something amazing happens while you're least expecting it. Thank you Anne for the lovely surprise. I must confess I was a little amazed to be called 'stylish'. Apart from my avatar picture where I'm posing with a stupid hat(that I did not even buy) in a shop, I did not think anything on my blog was really 'stylish'. Again, thanks to Anne, for thinking otherwise.

Style, is not just in glitter and glamour, its also there in works of art that are understated, but that still shine, due to brilliance of content. So, I will pass this award on to

  • The West Wind, whose creativity I truly enjoy and admire, and to
  • Helen, whose paintings, made with deft and detail, speak to me without words

The award requires me to write seven things about myself. I usually don't speak much about myself here, so I guess its time :)

  1. I am a Software Engineer. I enjoy science as much as I enjoy art.
  2. I do not consider myself a good writer. I used to, once. I wrote my first poem when I was 6 years old; since then, there were always a few people who liked what I wrote. So, I kept believing that I wrote well until the day internet (and blogging) happened to me. That was when I saw how ordinary people similar to me, people who write casually, have the power to move you, touch you and turn your world upside down with their writing. I knew I had a lot to learn. I am still learning.
  3. I am blessed with a healthy and short memory. If I decide to move past something, I eventually do. Although I often feel nostalgic thinking about good times in the past. May be I should say, I have a 'selective' memory. :)
  4. I love F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I have watched re-runs of it over and over and it still has me in splits whenever I watch it. In general, I laugh a lot. Possibly a little too much :)
  5. I dream a lot. I wish to see and experience as much as I can. I dream of making a difference to at least a few lives by the time I close my eyes on my own.
  6. I am currently evolving to be more aware, and 'world-wise', as you call it. I am a year and a half into my first job, and I think life takes a 180 degrees turn when you start to earn your own living. You are suddenly not just an observer and receiver, but a do-er and giver.
  7. I have never been called 'stylish', except may be when,as a child, I would pretend to shape my eyebrows by touching the tweezers on them, and my mother would exclaim how stylish I was going to grow up to be. But I grew up to be someone too lazy to care much about looks, as long as what I wore was comfortable. But does it really matter, as long as you have style in what you say and do? :)


tarunima said...

well deserved award:)
also it was nice knowing about you,i could relate with you:)

Anne said...

You deserve it completely :-); my exact thoughts on style too!
Your words have made a difference to me, so I am glad that you listened to people and kept writing!

Friko said...

Congratulations on your award.
Stylish blog? Certainly.

The Write Girl said...

So cute...I love your thoughts on you. I think you are pretty stylish in your profile pic. Love the hat even if you didn't buy it lol :)

Mamta said...

"...I grew up to be someone too lazy to care much about looks, as long as what I wore was comfortable." -- sounds so much like me!! :)

Pleemiller said...

I found you through Anne...I am so happy to find you. Your writing has great are a good honest. I will be back!

Jyoti Mishra said...

it is a stylish blog and u r voguish too :)

After reading points I must say u r a lovely gal..

SUB said...

congrats Tulika..