Friday, April 29, 2011


He found love in gold
sheer glitter and glory
that made him take risks
and place all he once had
Integrity, Innocence, Identity
in shiny chain-links
until they were all smothered
or sold

Gold, for her
was his curly hair
that she drew circles in
on golden evenings
amidst golden sunflowers and
mustard; when all was fair
like his promise
to grow old

He watched them silently
returning from a long day
on the fields
and wiped
the golden beads of sweat
that trickled down his cheek
as his body ached
and children starved
for a few golden grains
of wheat

Inspired by In The Moment. The cue was 'Golden' :)

Linked to Poets United. Visit them and read a lot of inspiring poems. Savour art! :)


Seema Smile said...


sawan said...

wow! three different perceptions connected with one word! beautiful!

Anonymous said...

liked the poetry offering different perspectives on GOLD:)

Mary said...

I liked the different perceptions of the word in each stanza. Really "all that glitters is not gold," but your poetry is golden!

Tulika Verma said...

:) Thank you