Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have come to believe in the two forces theory. The first force drives you in the direction you should be going, and a second force which tries to take you the exact opposite way. The influence of the second force becomes visible in events and actions that you fail to justify on a rational ground. We condemn this force when it strikes the hardest- in the forms of crime and terrorism; but we ignore it, allow it, and even give it impetus while it grows inside us. Something tells me life was supposed to be simple- just as the creator is. But we complicate it. We make rules, norms, rights, wrongs and then define crime, punishment, sin, redemption. Ironically, inside, we all sin and forgive ourselves, each day. Its just too hard to do that for others. We get restless hearing about terrorism, racist attacks, but we do not care to contain the narrowing of eyes or discomfort in our body language realizing the presence of someone from a different community around us. We all nurture in our minds baseless negative prejudices, in large or small amounts. Why is it so hard to give others what we want the most ourselves- respect and acceptance? It does not require more than a thought to see the meaninglessness and futility of our everyday hate stories. We do not choose where, when and as who we are born. How can we become so 'proud', aggressive or for that matter, defensive about something that is not even under our control! God created diversity to break monotony, not to divide himself. Faith can not be fought about. What you fight about can not be faith. Because faith has nothing to prove. It is absolute, certain, obdurate, pure. It is part of the first force. It can only lead us in the right, simple direction.


Christina said...

Your writings are so thoughtful. And they went straight to my heart. "What you fight about can not be faith."
It is as simple and as beautiful as that.
What a lovely blog. Thank you for the visit.
: )

Darshan Chande said...
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Sorcerer said...

wow! that was a different style..


Tulika Verma said...

Thank you :)