Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is one of those nights, ah well its 3.30 in the morning, when the consciousness of your existence makes it impossible for you to repose in slumber, when the heart races very fast to keep pace with your thoughts, when you think only of yourself, your 'perceptions' of the world, your dearest domain of plan and activity where nothing challenges you, when you can look straight through the obstacles as if they are not there.
I am usually awe-struck at the thought of how amazing I am, or you are, or humans are in general- the intellect, the emotions, and above every other thing, the power of expression. I marvel with pride at a baby making its needs felt, or a patient of cerebral palsy, unable to speak or even move, expressing his joy, anger, disappointments and utter euphoria watching a cricket match.
Your inner world is the mirror of the outer world. How you perceive the world depends on how deep you have dug inside yourself. I might be a tiny speck in the universe, a conception of too few dimensions, or may be I am not even there, as followers of some schools of philosophy might claim, but the very fact, or illusion of my existence makes me question and analyze my thoughts and actions and thus those of the entire human race. My beliefs have changed as I’ve grown and they will continue to….without cease, but there is one thing that I’ll never stop believing in, and that is the power of man, because it reaffirms and exalts itself more and more each passing day. The more you try to tie him down, the stronger he becomes. We are inherently curious creatures and when our potential is challenged, the curiosity to see where the limit lies can work…..well….wonders- that’s what ‘impossible’ things are called once they are accomplished.


aroopk said...

i guess its not the night.. there is something with the hour actually that makes one mood swingish and senti.. hehe..
good work there.. i see some speck of alchemist and sophie's world.. nice..
the more you write the more you inspire me.. :)

jayant said...

nice piece of work!! Completely identify with you.There's something about that late night hour that makes you forget everything and delve into your inner self,your own world, where you're the ruler,you make the rules and you pass the judgements..
pretty wide variety of thoughts in your remaining posts...
you're a poet,a writer and god knows wht else!!!
keep writing..
all the best

vimal Anand said...

do you meditate

alok said...

NICE.. bt hv ur own ideas miss
till how much time
u want to learn?
dont copy
any book abt life n hw to live
the last
dnt think abt life so much.. :-)

step in
happy holi

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adhishg said...

tulika..u just put my mind in words better than me..keep blogging this way...

Darshan Chande said...

Wow, Tulika! This was delightful! I loved your saying this -

Your inner world is the mirror of the outer world. How you perceive the world depends on how deep you have dug inside yourself.

So true!

On the whole, this piece speaks clearly of how deeply you have dug within yourself. And that's nice to see :-}